The Power of your Cervical Channel

The Power of your Cervical Channel

The first and heaviest day of my menstruatal cycle often mimics what I experienced in early stages of labor. As my cervix opens to allow the passing of blood (or a baby in birth) my channel to my deepest and highest self is also opening. Through stillness, listening, and connection I feel this channel of spirit guide me into a psychic hypnotic trance.

When given opportunity women can be clear messages from spirit especially during menstruation, ovulation, and birth. Our channels (via cervix) are open both physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Dreamtime visions are often heightened and informative during these times giving a window into messages from the unconscious and even prophesies of the future.

Anytime the cervix is open, including those  times mentioned above and also after miscarriage and abortion there exists a great opportunity for mental, physical, and spiritual evolution by the wisdom and clear vision they bring.

This channel to our deepest and higher self is also the channel that may hold our greatest grief. When this channel open is when we feel it all- The miraculous beautiful connection to our spirit and possibly the deepest grief and hurt imaginable.

Each woman holds unique information in her channel that is just for her and of her experience…and her channel is also tapped and tuned in to the collective consciousness, divine wisdom, and her ancestral line.

Caring for this channel is possible and essential. It must be safeguarded, protected, and honored…especially postpartum when women are most vulnerable. As a woman, caring for this channel means caring for our yoni, cervix, ovaries and womb. 

It also means seeking support to face and heal what is being shown… physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

As we start to become aware of the wisdom of our open channels we strengthen our intuition, access our deepest needs and desires, and live more fully embodied as women.

It is a complete honor to support women to care for their womb, cervix, ovaries and yoni using ancient wisdom and earth medicines. By doing so I know I am also supporting women to tap into their innate wisdom, their power, and their truth. Please reach out if you would like to work together.

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