Coming of Age Support Series

Ojai, Ca

Future Times and Dates TBA

It can be tough in this day-and-age to navigate puberty, high-school, and finding oneself as a young woman with all the messages + images we’re inundated with. That’s why we are offering a support and discussion series in the Ojai Valley for young women ages 12-16 to have a safe and sacred container to discuss essential topics for girls coming of age and offer tools to support healthy mind, body, and spirit. These topics are specially curated for our current times and this age stage these young women are traversing.

Topics of Conversation:
  • Body Positivity + Self Empowerment
  • Emotional Intelligence + Somatic Awareness
  • Physical/Mental Wellness + Self Care
  • Navigating Bullying
  • Exploring Gender Stereotypes
  • Menstrual Phases + Hormonal Education
  • Communicating Boundaries/Consent
  • Authentic Self-Expression