It’s Not Queefing, It’s Yoni Breathing

It’s Not Queefing, It’s Yoni Breathing

Revelations… let’s get this straight.


Ok so let me say that I’m being half ridiculous and half totally serious. So let’s land somewhere in the middle, alright?


True story… I intentionally queefed and had an epiphany about this previously embarrassing act.


*First of all, why is any natural function of our body, and especially of our reproductive organs, EVER EMBARRASSING?!* No more ladies, no more.


Ok, back to the epiphany…


I queefed. And I did it again. And again.


I literally was inhaling and exhaling through my vagina. (insert laughs and curiosity here… I did both so I get it)


Maybe you’re already aware of the connections of the mouth/yoni, how they reflect and correlate with one another. How when we liberate our voice we also liberate our sexuality. How the tension in our pelvis is often related to the tension in our neck and shoulders. How the health of our mouth is correlated to the health of our vagina via oral systemic balance. You get the point.


Anyways, this took it to a new level. I’d practiced yoni breathing before in a different way by bringing the awareness of my breath down to my womb and vagina.


But this was *actual* Yoni breathing.


It required me to engage my pelvic floor, focus my attention, and become reflective about the function of a queef.


I wondered, perhaps it’s not just some unintentional fart sound coming from the vagina but the yoni letting out a big sigh of exhalation??? Am I too far out now?? Hah!


You see, my work is focused on the de-stigmatization of our reproductive functions, empowering women to connect to themselves and their bodies, and finding magic in the most unlikely places. Like… the vagina… and the queef.


So instead of cringing at the dreaded queef maybe we can instead imagine she’s doing her job by letting off some steam?


Just allow the queef have her say, alright?!


And dare I take it a step further and even make this a womb health practice??? Mindful #pussybreathin


From now on we shall call queefing *Yoni breathing*


You’re welcome 😉


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