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Essential and optimal holistic care for your most sacred parts.

A 6 week online immersion for women ready to step into full embodiment of reproductive wellness and upgraded self care.

Our YONI, CERVIX, WOMB, AND OVARIES are our sacred creative power centers. Not only for making babies, but for MAKING OUR DREAMS COME TRUE and living in alignment with our purpose.

Your womb is like an inner compass. She contains the wisdom of your foremothers and the creative potential you need to activate your deepest desires— to serve your purpose.

In this course I go over EVERYTHING from herbal wellness, monthly practices to support your yoni and womb, tools to release pain, trauma, and disempowerment from these places, and everyday choices to support overall health.

I am passionate about PREVENTATIVE care, healing with the elements of nature, and reclaiming the innate and essential wisdom of women’s bodies.

This knowledge offered in WOMB WISE will support you through your childbearing years and beyond. It will give you optimal and essential tools for wellness and also information how to support the women, mothers, sisters, and daughters in your life.

I’ve created this course for you because I have a HUGE desire to see ALL woman healthy and empowered for the benefit of all of humanity.

Registration closes September 25th, 2019

Remembering Our Wild Nature:

Aligning with sisterhood, ritual, intuition and nature for health, empowerment, and deep wisdom.

Six weeks of ceremony, wisdom, and remembrance with Alexandra Wildflower and Allison Lomax

We see you beautiful sister,

Living in this modern world, awake in your instinctual yearning and remembrance of something deeper. Something more fulfilling and connected. Something more true. Something more YOU.

For so many reasons, the power and intuition of women has been suppressed. Women were turned against each other. Our relationship with the land was severed.

But we remember who we truly are.

Deep in our bones the wild woman within calls us home… to our intuition, to the Earth, to our children, to our wombs, to our sisters, to ourselves.

We are here to walk this path of remembrance with you, because we have done it, and we are doing it now. And nothing has been more important, more essential, more meaningful than this.

Because, sister, the health of our bodies, hearts, wombs, and spirit reflect the health of the Earth. By healing and honoring our own beings, we heal and honor her… and as we tend to the Earth, we tend to ourselves. We are intricately and symbiotically connected.

The moment is now to reclaim the vitality, empowerment, and connection within and without.

We are here to midwife you back home to yourself, your intuition, the Earth, your sisters, your wellness, and your womb.

Registration is currently closed.


Coming September 2019

The Women’s Wellness Membership is an educational portal that delivers content relating to:
  • Reproductive Wellness
  • Womb Wisdom
  • Vaginal Care
  • Earth Based Healing
  • Breast Health
  • Hormonal Education
  • Fertility
  • Herbalism
  • Medical Intuition
  • Energy Healing
  • Sacred Embodiment
  • Wild Womanhood
  • Healing with Nature
  • Nervous System Healing
  • Sex and pleasure
  • Ritual and Ceremony
  • Divine Feminism
  • Relationship to self and others
  • Intuitive Eating and Movement
  • Mysticism and Herstory
As a member you will receive:
  • 1 Monthly educational call with Allison and Alexandra (live and recorded)
  • 1 expert interview or class per month (live and recorded)
  • 1 full moon and 1 new moon ritual
  • A private discussion group for members + professionals only (Facebook)
  • Discounts on events and mentorship programs

Cost: $33/month  or  $333/year