She Found My Video and Healed Her Postpartum Tear

She Found My Video and Healed Her Postpartum Tear

The Yoni Sunning video I made 5 years ago helped a woman completely heal her postpartum vaginal scar! Her doctor told her she would need reconstructive surgery and sex would be painful forever!

She remembered seeing my YouTube video where I shared how I healed my own vaginal birth tear postpartum by Yoni Sunning, and she chose to diligently practice it.

And guess what? She’s pain-free, enjoying sex, and doesn’t need reconstructive surgery after all.

I love how this simple practice helped nurture and restore her and me after child birth.

No one told me to do it. I remember sitting on my deck still experiencing pain in my scar after birth almost 9 months later. I got the message to just expose my vagina to the sun. It wanted it, it needed it! So I listened. It felt so awkward at first, but so incredibly nourishing at the same time!

It wasn’t long after I started to do it regularly that my pain completely went away. I couldn’t believe it! How come no one knew about this?

I see so much vital information for women’s reproductive health completely missing in this westernized culture! (Colonization, patriarchy, witch hunts, weaponized media)

Women need simple, vital, and empowering information that supports their reproductive wellness, their confidence, and their connection to Mama earth and her medicines.

Have you checked out the curriculum for my 6 week online course WOMB WISE?

I have so much juicy, empowering, and badass knowledge to share with you.

I am ready to see women healthful and empowered for the benefit of all of creation.

I’m here to share this with YOU.


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