Skin to Skin with the Earth for Easeful Menstrual Cycles and More…

Skin to Skin with the Earth for Easeful Menstrual Cycles and More…

Womb to womb with mama earth can help to relieve discomfort during menstruation.

The other day I was at the beach when I felt the pulse of my womb contractions and the opening of my hips and cervix as I began my cycle.

In that moment my womb begged to merge with the warm sand below me.

I laid belly to belly with mama Maui and felt her nourishing, restoring, and relieving my body as I released my blood.

Just like babies benefit from skin to skin contact with their mamas, so do we with our Earth Mama. We often hear this referred to as “earthing” or “grounding”.

Skin to skin with mama earth normalizes cortisol levels, increases circulation, relieves pain (yes even menstrual and birth pain!), supports immune function, and regulates sleep, our nervous system, and hormones.

Our wombs and the womb of the earth are meant to work symbiotically offering nourishment and healing to one another.

She offers her medicine of receiving free radicals and relieving discomfort, I offer my blood.

My work lives at this nexus of WOMB x EARTH x NOURISHMENT.

I see the wellness of our future established from the healthy wombs of mothers in deep connection with the womb of mama earth.

With this intact, everyone benefits.

*I’m opening 3 spaces in March 2019 for Preconception Preparation Mentorship. This will be a 3 month long journey to support the wellness womb, heart, and spirit for conception, pregnancy, birth, and beyond. Is this you? Send me a message for more details 

Also stayed tuned for some awesome collaborative webinars coming your way next month. Thank you all for the suggestions we are weaving them through

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