Why I Don’t Like Period Underwear

Why I Don’t Like Period Underwear

I’m a no-go for period underwear.

Okay, I posted YEARS ago about trying out some different brands hoping they would be THE answer to my desire to freebleed and an easy alternative to cloth pads. An all-in-one seems ideal, yes?

But here’s the deal…

What makes period underwear work to prevent leakage is a layer of Polyurethane Laminate aka PLASTIC.

This layer of plastic = no airflow = no breathability = bacterial buildup and claminess.


This is the last thing we want on our cycle, right ladies?? Clammy bloody panties?

Newp, no thank you. 

Ok, so I admit I still have the couple pairs I bought.

And I DO wear them in a pinch if I’m running out the door and they’re the only easy option I have in the moment.

But I often regret that choice.

Because I’d say the number one thing I want during bleeding time from my garments is MORE airflow and LESS constriction. 

Any other day of the month I’m sure to be wearing natural fiber breathable panties (and mind you these are period undies are organic cotton), but the layer of Polyurethane Laminate negates the flow as if i’m wearing plastic wrap around my OG cotton panties. 

So what’s my solution???

  • Good old re-uasble cotton or hemp cloth pads.
  •  Free bleeding on the earth.
  • Organic compostable pads from time to time. (The average pad is made with up to 90% plastic, dyes, and even perfume… ORGANIC MATTERS)

Nothing fancy.

Keep it simple. And airated. And organic. And waste free!

Most of all. Keep that yoni (and earth)  happy and healthy!

What do you think, have period undies worked for you??

What’s your moon-time product flow?


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