What Belly Buttons Have to Do with Health… And 5 Ways to Optimize it

“The most important point in the human body is the navel.”
– Osho


I’ve had a long time fascination with belly buttons. My attraction (or not) to my romantic partners had a lot to do with what their navel looked like. Unusual, yes, however I now know that it wasn’t some strange fetish…. It was what the belly button told me about their health.

We are primal by nature and there are many things that attract us to one another. Most all of these indicators have to do with health. For some it is smell, muscle definition, symmetry of facial features, breast size, height or weight… and for some, the navel.

Our navel holds the impression of our health and fertility.

Belly buttons represent our connection to our first source of nourishment- our mothers. They connect us to our primary caregiver in utero.
Our navels show us how we received and receive nourishment and if it’s healthful.

“A child is born in the womb of a mother and grows there. Through which part is the child connected to its mother? Through the head or through the heart? No, it is connected through the navel.”- Osho

This nourishment portal from our belly button does not end after our umbilical cord is detached from our mother. Instead of being a connection to our mother, it becomes our connection to life.

In some belief systems, our belly buttons are where spirit enters us, and our connection to our soul.

Therefore, safeguarding and caring for our navel is of utmost importance!

In East Asian medicine traditions, the navel is recognized as the most important energy center. It is where we store all of our “chi” or life force energy!

“Man is born attached at the navel to an umbilical cord, and the navel is connected to the lower elixir field, which is the Sea of Energy. Thus, the navel forms the Gate of Life. The foetus receives life through the opening of this Gate, and the infant enters this world by its closing. Therefore, in its capacity as a spring of living energy, this area is the source of a man’s energy, this area is the source of a man’s well-being and his discomfort, his strength and his weakness. When the energy here is strong, the whole system is strong. When it is weak, the whole system grows weak.”

Ching Dynasty physician Chang Chin-Chiou

Ayurvedic medicine shows us that all of the 72,000 nadis, the energetic vessels related to nerve endings, meet at the navel.

And now in modern medicine it is estimated that 90-95% of our serotonin and 50% of dopamine is produced in the gut!!

When the navel and gut are out of balance one will experience a range of health issues including stomach pains, depression, migraine headaches, nervousness, eating disorders, ADHD, digestive issues, and more.

Our navels are a microcosmic reflection of the macrocosm of our health.

We are advised that as we treat and heal our navel and our gut, we heal our whole body!


In many traditional medicine practices around the world, abdominal massage is a vital health tool to restore and maintain health. Abdominal massage serves to stimulate blood and lymphatic flow, improve detoxification of our organs, and align them in correct position for optimal functioning.

In Ayurvedic medicine, applying oil or ghee to the belly button increases fertility and digestive function in women!

Aki Sinkkonen, a researcher from the University of Helsinki, discovered that the “symmetry, shape, and position of umbilicus can be used to estimate the reproductive potential of fertile females, including risks of certain genetically and maternally inherited fetal anomalies.”

Just by looking at the belly button we are able to determine health and reproductive potential! And simply by treating the navel we are able to improve overall health and connect to our life force energy! So, how do we do it??

5 Ways to Improve Navel Health

1. Breathe Right

When we see babies breathe, we witness their abdomen ascend and descend in accordance with their breath. Somewhere along the way many have forgotten how to breathe correctly and experience anxiety, tension, and digestive issues because of it.

There are many yogic and taoist breathing practices to improve navel function. The most simple practice to begin, however, is breathing just like a baby does. Allow your breath to travel all the way to your abdomen and expand outwards on the in breath. Witness the rise and fall of your belly as you breathe in and out. Bring your awareness to the full inhalation and release of your breath. As you continue breathing through your nose and into your abdomen notice how this relaxes, restores, and rejuvenates your whole being.

2. Supportive Posture + Yoga + Movement

The way we sit, stand, and move all effect our navel and gut health. Correct posture allows us to breathe fully, digest properly, and keep all of our internal organs in optimal position.

Certain yoga postures support navel health! Cat-Cow is a great one to start. For more advanced positions do bow pose, cobra pose, and laying on back alternating lifting straight legs.

As for posture, instead of trying to sit up straight, roll your shoulders back. When sitting tilt your butt and your hips back instead of tilting them underneath you. While standing keep your feet hip width apart. Squat instead of sitting and do forward bends and calf stretches as much as possible!

Chi (life force energy) building practices like qigong and tai chi emphasize bringing awareness to the navel area and cultivating energy there with a variety of movements and breathing techniques.

3. Belly Button Massage

Add oil (sesame, almond, olive) or ghee to your navel and begin massaging gently in a clockwise position in and around your navel. You can incorporate big and small circles. Continue this practice multiple times a week to improve digestion, fertility, and mood. It is believed in Ayurveda that putting oil in a baby’s belly button will remove stomach pains! It can do this for you, too.
If you have more serious abdominal issues or want to go deeper, seek out a professional to assist you in this process!

Practitioners in Chi Nei Tsang, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Maya Abdominal Massage, Visceral Manipulation, or other traditional abdominal massage are best to seek out.

4. Eat Right

Our gut is our second brain. As we eat well we improve our mood, digestion, sleep, and overall health. Notice what foods are easy on your body and which ones cause bloating and gassiness. If you are experiencing lots of digestive issues, doing an elimination diet or getting an allergy test is worth considering.

Chew slowly and mindfully and breathe well while you eat. Always eat in a positive, relaxing environment when your mood is neutral or elevated. Be sure to culminate gratitude before and while eating!!
Choose organic, locally grown foods.

5. Sleep Well

Our sleep is essential to ensure optimal gut health! Our gut health is directly related to how well we sleep! The microbes (probiotics) in our gut are responsible for the hormonal production of melatonin. So sleep and healthy gut go hand in hand.

Sleep is a time to “rest and digest” and detox the organs.

Be sure to sleep in the dark without any light leaks from outside, electric appliances, or screens. Get outside as much as possible in the day to get natural light and fresh air to support your natural circadian rhythms and allow your to rest well at night!


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Now you are off to a great start ensuring optimal functioning of your gut and belly button. May your navel be strong, healthy, and full of vital life force energy!! Get our Top 10 Wellness Practices for Women by entering your email at the bottom of the page.

Where women’s health, wisdom, and empowerment merge. Women’s Wellness Movement is an online community and sanctuary featuring articles and leading-edge content by various authors, doctors, and specialists in the field of women's health, spirituality, and empowerment.

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