Find A Mama

Find A Mama

This is an invitation to young women without children who are willing and able:


Especially one with young children, a single mama, a mama with a disability, a struggling mama, maybe even your own mama if that feels right…

MAKE HER A MEAL, wash her dishes, rub her feet, braid her hair, watch her little ones while she naps…. ASK how your can support her.

One tiny gesture makes ALL the difference.

Mothers these days (especially those mentioned above) are often under supported, overstressed, and overworked.


Since becoming a Mother I realized how much responsibility and demand is required of us. It’s a privilege, and an honor, and hard f*cking work without a clock in or clock out time. 

The women I often see supporting Mothers are other Mothers. Because we get it. We help where we can. When one of us has a fresh breath we often use it to help another Mama. 

Before I became a Mother I felt estranged from knowing how to support a new Mama, even though I wanted to. And I didn’t feel welcomed because they seem so very capable, yet overwhelmed and busy as is. I didn’t see where I fit in their life.

But I find there’s a reciprocity between Maiden and Mother that’s missing that I have perspective on from the other side. The Maiden learning from the Mother… witnessing her patience, her skill, her devotion. The Mother reminded by the Maiden of playfulness, the fountain of youth, and free time (so she remembers that these exist and to claim them for herself). I believe both the Mother and Maiden have a learning opportunity, a piece of wisdom, for each other. 

So I offer this as an invitation to those young women, willing and able:


Because Mamas are probably too busy to find you, but may really love a hand 


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