A Letter From my Father…. (Plus a Hint of What’s to Come)

A Letter From my Father…. (Plus a Hint of What’s to Come)

14 years later, and I’ve brought this sticker out of hiding. I now find it bringing so much meaning and healing….


My dad encouraged me to take home one of these bumper stickers from the local Center for Spiritual Living church when I was a young teen. I remember trying to whisk passed the table handing them out to avoid being noticed by the “actual” powerful women, who I was sure would think it was silly if I took one… In my mind I was not yet a woman, let alone a powerful one.

After more times accompanying my Dad to his newfound spiritual home, he got me acquainted with some of these “women of power”.

I soon learned these were no average women… these were the wise ones, the wild ones. At the age of 16, they had invited my best friend and I to accompany them to an all women’s spiritual retreat in the redwood forest. This was not a normal church camp, as we would tell our friends we were going…

 There was a giant bonfire with women (some topless) drumming around it each night, wooden boards for us to break with our bare hands, rebar for us to bend, prayerful songs sung dusk til dawn, and an initiation ceremony for us and other maidens into womanhood.

I’ll always remember the chant they sang to us as they tied red yarn around our wrists and had us walk in a circle around the central altar, “you’ve changed, you’ll never be the same, you’ve walked through the door of the Goddess.”

They also read aloud letters from our parents wishing us well into our journey of womanhood, my Dad wrote mine. My crone chaperone, Carolyn, shared his words:

“You are now among some very powerful women. Women who have already blazed a trail, pioneers of the feminine spirit. They celebrate the Divine Feminine Spirit and the feminine spirit they have within. Celebrate with them. As you go through life you will meet many people on the path of making the world a better place to live. I know you will recognize them because you already have and I know they will recognize you also, because they already have. There are many obvious signs that women are taking a larger leadership role in defining the policies and direction of the world. It is under this wave of world consciousness shift that you come into adulthood, womanhood. What a truly exciting time to come of age. It presents itself with incredible opportunities. You see, the world needs Allie Lomax. The world needs the Divine Feminine Spirit in the most profound way. The world needs the Divine Feminine Spirit to survive.”

I wasn’t able to grasp most of his words in the moment. However, just last year I rediscovered this letter and it touched my heart in a way I never really felt with my father. 13 years later and I feel the profoundness of his clarity of seeing me, his young teen daughter emerging into womanhood and the collective Divine Feminine Spirit rising!

As I prepare to conduct and share a series of interviews with some of the most powerful, wise, and influential women that I know I reflect on this letter and now, too, acknowledge my gift to recognize and connect with these women leaders of the Divine Feminine Spirit! The Women of Power. I celebrate with them and I invite you to celebrate with us!


Thank you to all those who have been a support on my journey of evolution and awakening into embodied womanhood that has been complete with expansions, contractions, births, and deaths. I look forward to sharing what I have cultivated while I humbly continue following the call of Spirit and tend to my soul purpose.



More to come, soon!!

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As Love,

Allie Ma
Founder of Women’s Wellness Movement

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