Remembering Our Wild Nature


Aligning with sisterhood, ritual, intuition and nature
for health, empowerment, and deep wisdom.

Six weeks of ceremony, wisdom, and remembrance with
Alexandra Wildflower and Allison Lomax

We see you beautiful sister,

Living in this modern world, awake in your instinctual yearning and remembrance of something deeper. Something more fulfilling and connected. Something more true. Something more YOU.

For so many reasons, the power and intuition of women has been suppressed. Women were turned against each other. Our relationship with the land was severed.

But we remember who we truly are.

Deep in our bones the wild woman within calls us home… to our intuition, to the Earth, to our children, to our wombs, to our sisters, to ourselves.

We are here to walk this path of remembrance with you, because we have done it, and we are doing it now. And nothing has been more important, more essential, more meaningful than this.

Because, sister, the health of our bodies, hearts, wombs, and spirit reflect the health of the Earth. By healing and honoring our own beings, we heal and honor her… and as we tend to the Earth, we tend to ourselves. We are intricately and symbiotically connected.

The moment is now to reclaim the vitality, empowerment, and connection within and without.

We are here to midwife you back home to yourself, your intuition, the Earth, your sisters, your wellness, and your womb.

Each week for 6 weeks we will be covering various topics including all of the above and more.

We will explore, howl, laugh, learn, cry, and connect.

Most of all, we will remember.

We will enter into ceremony and ritual, together as sisters.

We will remember our innate and essential symbiotic relationship with the Earth.

We will share ways to honor, nurture, and connect with our wombs using the healing elements of nature.

We will remember how to let nature mother us as the Great Cosmic Earth Mother that she is.

We will learn how to give back and tend to the Earth who gives unconditionally to us.

We will share the ways of the wild, wise, whole, and holy woman.

We will teach wellness in harmony with the Earth.

We will reclaim our wildness, together.

Join us, sister.

We see you, and we support your return to yourself and your wild nature.

Open For Enrollment

Registration ends Wednesday, May 1 and our first class begins Thursday, May 2.

Each Thursday for 6 weeks we will gather LIVE to connect, share, and honor our bodies and the Earth.

One Payment of $444

Two Payments of $222

Topics we will cover:

+ Sacred sisterhood

+ The healing powers of nature

+ Dream tending and listening

+ Ritual and ceremony

+ Simple daily practices to integrate the wisdom of the Earth into your life

+ Finding and connecting with your herbal, spirit, and animal allies

+ Allowing & aligning with the rhythms, cycles and seasons of your own being

+ Connecting with the earth to heal and restore your womb

+ Activating your inner wild and wise woman

+ Reciprocity and giving back to our Mother Earth

+ How Earth reflects our body and how we can symbiotically care for both
Listening deeply, alignment, intuition, trust

+ Wise woman practices for wild feelings

+ How to be in integrity with your lifestyle choices

This is for you if:

  • You crave a deeper relationship with your wild nature.
  • You want to learn to honor and connect with your womb
  • You are ready to deepen your intuition and trust with yourself and life
  • You are mothering yourself, a project, or a child and want to learn to be sustainably nurtured and supported while doing so
  • You crave meaningful and authentic sisterhood

What you will receive:

  • 6 live council calls via Zoom with Alexandra and Allison
  • 2 live Moon Rituals on the Full and New Moon
  • 2 recorded guest speaker sharings TBA
  • 1 Remembering Our Wild Nature Guidebook
  • Access to our private Facebook discussion group
  • Access to our Resource Library

Dates & Times

Call dates

5/2    5/9   5/16   5/23   5/30   6/6

*All live calls with Alexandra and Allison will be held from 11am-1pm PST*

They will all be recorded and posted to the course home page in case you cannot make the time.

Live Full Flower Moon Womb Honoring Ceremony will be held on Saturday, May 18th from 4-6pm PST

Live New Moon Intention Setting Ritual will be held on Monday, June 3rd at 9am-11am PST


Pay in full $444
or 2 payments of $222

One Payment of $444

Two Payments of $222


Week 1- Sacred Sisterhood
  • What is it? What is it not?
  • 13 codes of Sisterhood
  • Her-story of women’s circles
  • Unconditional love, communication, boundaries, nourishment
  • Caring for our sisters and caring for ourselves
  • Showing up, facing shadow, allowing vulnerability & authenticity
  • The benefit of sisterhood for all beings
Week 2- Ritual & Ceremony
  • Aligning with the rhythms of the Earth, Moon & Stars
  • Honoring and working with the elements
  • Deep listening and aligned action
  • Welcoming sound and song
  • Creating safe and sacred containers
  • Plant, animal, angelic, elemental and ancestral allies
  • Witnessing and supporting our intentions
Week 3- Woman and Wild
  • What is means to be a wild woman in a modern world
  • How our relationship with the Earth informs our intuition
  • Staying rooted in our core values
  • Dream tending and listening
  • Making space for nature and the sounds/songs/messages of the wild
  • Rewilding for the benefit of humanity
Week 4- Wild Woman Wellness
  • Self love and self care aligned with earth wellness
  • Non-toxic living and lifestyle
  • Aligning with the rhythms, cycles and seasons of our own being
  • Wild woman tools for wild feelings
  • Nourishing our wild woman spirit
  • Connecting with the wild plants of our unique heritage
Week 5- Womb of the Earth
  • Connecting to the earth and elements to heal and revitalize our womb
  • Yoni sunning + womb bathing
  • Aligning our womb with the rhythms of the earth
  • Plants and herbs for womb health
  • Womb wisdom
  • Lifestyle practices for reproductive wellness
Week 6- Mothered by the Mother
  • How to allow the nourishment of the earth to support us while we are mothering ourselves, our children, or our creative projects
  • Connecting and listening to the cosmic earthly wisdom of Gaia
  • How nature supports the healing of anxiety, depression, loneliness, overwhelm
  • Sacred reciprocity and coming into right relationship with the land
  • Permaculture and earth tending

“She who learns to howl will find her pack” – Clarissa Pinkola Estes


Enroll Today

One Payment of $444

Two Payments of $222

About Your Guides

Alexandra Wildflower

Alexandra Wildflower is a freebirthing mother, birth & postpartum doula, permaculture gardener, singer/songwriter, women’s mentor and student of Life.  

She has studied cultural anthropology, child development, permaculture design, birth guardianship, psychology, meditation, yoga, women’s health, plant medicines and primitive skills.

She facilitates women’s circles both online and in person, hosts workshops and retreats, and teaches on subjects including women’s wellness, sustainable living and conscious parenting.

She is a mother to 1 son whom she birthed at home in her yurt, off-grid on a mountain.

Alexandra believes wholeheartedly in the power of a woman’s primal instincts and is passionate about supporting women in reconnecting with this ancient feminine wisdom, being able to trust their intuition and make informed & empowered decisions in all areas of their lives.

Allison Marie Lomax

Allison Lomax is a mother, pre-conception & postpartum doula, and mentor in the field of women’s health and empowerment. She has devoted herself to the path of women’s wellness for 15 years and works with women to support the nourishment of womb, heart, spirit, and earth.

Allison received a BA in Spiritually Integrated Psychology from Antioch University Seattle and has studied mysticism, ritual, medical intuition, herbalism, women’s reproductive health, reiki, kundalini yoga, earth stewarding, and ancient womb mysteries. Her current work is focused on guiding women in their wellness through womb healing and earth connection.

She is a mother to 3 beautifully strong girls and had the honor to birth pleasurably and naturally at home, in water.

Allison works with women to reclaim the innate healing powers she knows can and will change the world. She fuses together ancient feminine wisdom with researched wellness practices to create true health, harmony, and empowerment. She is passionate about women living healthfully and empowered for the benefit of all of creation.

Ready to return to yourself and your wild nature.?

Course Begins May 2nd, 2019.