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Woman, Your Body is Medicine

Woman, your body is medicine.

You SALIVA contains antibodies that heals wounds, disinfects, and speeds recovery.

Your MENSTRUAL BLOOD contains stem cells for regeneration of life. The healing powers (physical and mystical) have been known by many ancient traditions and are currently being researched by western medicine.

Your BREASTMILK is not only is a perfect food for babies but also clears skin irritations, heals and disinfects cuts, treats ear and eye infections, and relieves sunburn and insect bites.

Your ORGASMS relieve stress, balance hormones, increase longevity, and increase mood.

Your YONI has been revered since the beginning of time for its life-giving and protective powers. One flash of the yoni was enough to bless the crops for a season and ward off evil.

Your SHIT is gold for the earth. As it turns to compost through the digestion of our worm friends it becomes nutrient rich soil.

Your EJACULATION is the divine nectar of immortality and higher consciousness.

Your PLACENTA is your medicine to heal and restore from birth. Eat it, pray with it, encapsulate it, bury it… it sustained your baby for the duration of pregnancy and in turn can sustain YOU post birth.

Your URINE has the potential to heal skin irritations like eczema and swelling. When you pee on the soil you create a direct grounding cord from your root with the earth.

Your body and it’s functions have too long been shamed, rejected, and objectified. But no more.

You are the Medicine.