Work With Me

I believe in women uniting in our health, wisdom, and empowerment for the benefit of all of creation.

My areas of specialty are:

      • Embodied Empowerment and Connecting with Inner Knowing
      • Full Spectrum Doula Work (preconception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, pregnancy loss, abortion, coming of age, menopause)
      • Postpartum Doula Services (A Cerrar de Las Caderas)
      • Conscious Mothering
      • Rewilding with Nature, Instinct, and Intuition
      • Rites of Passage Ceremonies

One on One Consultations

Offered anywhere in the world via telephone in the US or Zoom Voice Call outside the US.

In person Sessions available in Ojai, CA.

If you are ready for support to: (any of the following)
  • Connect deeply to your purpose and inner knowing
  • Be empowered in your life, business, and relationships
  • Tend to the womb, heart, and spirit post pregnancy loss

Cost: Sliding scale of $75-$150/hr

Well-Woman Mentorship (3 months)

In this container you will have my right-hand support as we tend to your mind, heart, womb, spirit for health, wisdom, and empowerment.

Some areas we will focus on:
  • Connecting to your inner guidance, body based wisdom, and intuition
  • Nourishment for mental, physical, and emotional health
  • Empowerment for reclaiming your truth and living the life you came here to live
  • Receiving support for loss and grief
Details include
  • Weekly one-on-one mentorship calls
  • Educational resources and reading list
  • Guided meditations
  • Email and text support

Cost: $ 1,800 one time fee or 3 Monthly Payments of $600

Postpartum Doula Services

Ojai and Ventura, CA only

During the first six weeks of giving birth (vaginally or cesarean) I will support you for 3 full days of hands on care that includes:

  • Nutritional healing (teas, broths, tonics)
  • Vaginal steaming
  • Herbal baths
  • Massage
  • Closing of the hips ceremony (scheduled for on or after 40 days)

Pricing is $900 for 1 prenatal consultation and 3 postpartum doula sessions that last approximately 2 hours each. This price includes the hands on care listed above and any herbs, teas, broths, and tonics I provide.

(I also offer postpartum care post pregnancy loss)

Wise Woman Transformational Mentorship (9 months)

This offering is for those looking to re-birth themselves into being. Through this 9 month container we will focus on:

  • Connecting deeply with your own true self
  • Healing, restoring, and activating womb health
  • Activating your inner wild and wise woman
  • Reclaiming vitality, self care, and deep self knowing
Details and what is included:
  • Twice a month group mentorship calls
  • 9 one-on-one personalized coaching calls

Rites of Passage Ceremony Facilitation

I create and facilitate one on one and group ceremonies to honor women’s Rite of Passage initiations in a transformative and connective way. During a ritual we infuse nature elements, prayer, song, movement, intentions, and words of wisdom to honor and support these important life transformations.

A Rite of Passage is an important initiation ritual honoring the ending of one cycle and beginning of the next. A girl or woman transforms from one way of being to another, never to return to her previous life cycle. What happens during and around this transition will set the tone for herself and her experience in the next cycle. We must honor the beauty of this change and recognize what is becoming and what is being left behind. Rites of Passage ceremonies connect us to our transitions in a meaningful way to support these big changes. When we have celebrated our Rites of Passage, we are empowered in our new role in our lives and communities.

Women’s Rites of Passage Rituals:

+ Coming of Age: for girls beginning menstruation and becoming a blood sister
+ Marriage + Sacred Union: Celebrating and honoring the commitment to another as a spiritual journey
Pre-Conception: Opening the window of communication to welcome and prepare for baby.
+ Pregnancy: Blessing the transition from maiden to mother, honoring the body + spirit changes and needs
+ Postpartum: Closing of the pregnancy portal, honoring the birth process, creating sacred postpartum space, and welcoming baby
+ Menopause: becoming wisdom keeper, holding the blood wisdom within
+  Transformer: preparing for own Death
+ Loss + Death: miscarriage, abortion, loss of loved one, divorce

Personal rituals can be conducted in person or via Skype.

Group ceremonies take place in Ojai, California and surrounding areas.


90 minute personal ritual – $150
3 hr group ceremony – $350

“I was honored to have Allie host my BlessingWay before the birth of my first child. It was such a beautiful, intimate gathering with all the special women in my life.

“Each moment felt so sacred and perfect and allowed me to feel completely supported and cared for as I prepared for the birth. My transition to motherhood was celebrated in the most perfect way on this day and I couldn’t imagine not having Allie there to coordinate it all. I am so, so grateful.”

-Kristen Stuhlmueller